These are the littermates, a group of cute little kitten hybrids that are completely open for you to love and adore.

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Redid my muses page and added some new ones/deleted some.

Check ‘em out. I spent the entire day in my sister’s hospital room working on these bitches.

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When I get home I’m adding new muses.

Juliette (Ariana Grande FC) - Growing up in a rough neighborhood forced Juliette to learn to defend herself pretty quickly. She’s the tough girl, always picking fights and vandalizing buildings. Juliette’s quiet until provoked, and quick to defend those she actually cares about.

Ivy (Lauren Jauregui FC) Ivy’s the good girl, she’s kind hearted. She has the perfect parents, perfect looks, perfect life. But she finds it all so boring, she yearns for something more, something dangerous.

Riley (Selena Gomez FC) - Riley had a good life. — Until she flunked out of college while going for her music major. Her parents were furious, and kicked her out of the house. She now lives in her car, savoring the 100 dollars she was able to scavenge from her bank account. Riley is timid, kind, stubborn, and much too prideful to confide in anyone about her predicament. She uses her violin to keep herself positive.

Oliver (Justin Bieber FC) - Oliver is a shy boy, was never popular in school or had many friends. He is polite and a gentleman. Oliver is also an aspiring dancer, hip hop, ballet, he does everything. His parents don’t believe in him, they say his dream is stupid, and unrealistic. They say he isn’t good enough, that he’s talentless. Oliver is hurt by his parents opinion, but he hasn’t given up.

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VEVOLift + the girls: Perrie Edwards

"My favorite food is… everything. I love all kinds of food."

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female OCs are not of lesser value than male OCs.

female OCs are not of lesser value than male OCs.

female OCs are not of lesser value than male OCs.

OCs should be judged by character, not sex or gender. Just because there may be more female OCs than male OCs around you doesn’t mean they’re automatically all trash.

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I’m going to turn my Jade OC into canon!Jade Thirlwall.

So, if you need a Jade for any of your ships, inbox me to plot.

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like your muse works at the lab where {insert your littermate of choice here, any can be used, even the ones born as hybrids} is experimented on and abused/malnourished. Your muse develops a soft spot for the hybrid and secretly brings them food, tending to their wounds after they are abused by the other scientists, then eventually sneaks them home.

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'Challenge accepted.' He thought to himself with a smirk, stroking her cheek and staying silent. He really would never get over the awe of her beauty. “Kids, should kitty and Eddie teach you how to swing dance?” He asked mischievously, smiling at the lovely miss Paige.

"Swing dancing?" Paige laughed, and the kids gave cheers of approval, so she guessed it was decided. "Okay. And don’t call me kitty." She added, shaking her head at him and giggling softly.


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 James smiled softly, kissing Niall’s forehead as the doorbell rang. James groaned, sitting up and scratching the back of his head as he headed for the door, opening it and greeting the vet, leading him to his room as they ascended a sleepy Niall.

Niall was wary of the vet, mostly because he was wearing a coat that closely resembled the scientists’ coats from the lab he escaped from. “Don’t hurt Niall?” He requested quietly, a slight quiver of fear in his voice as he spoke. He knew that if the vet wanted to he could probably hurt him, but Liam wouldn’t let that happen.

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"You can turn into a kitten?" Ed asked, head tilted and confused. He had Jo idea, he had never shifted in from of him. "Well are they small? Do they understand words? Won’t they remember you?"Ed sighed. This may be harder than he thought.

"Yes, all hybrids can. Scientists probably bad idea to give kittens that choice." Niall paused, morphing into a small cream colored kitten and hopping onto Ed’s lap, looking up at him with wide eyes. He stood up on his tiny legs and licked the boy’s cheek before he morphed back. "See? Hybrid will remember Niall, but Ed be scared too if he locked in cage and big, loud, and scary siren went off."

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